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"Avanti - Residence" is a residential complex that offers a wide range of services to ensure a complete and convenient experience for its residents. Some of the services offered include:

Selected Apartments

We offer a diverse range of apartments, including one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and penthouse apartments, which are carefully designed to suit the needs and preferences of each client.

Common Premises

 "Avanti - Residence" has common spaces designed for recreation, exercise, and social gatherings and facilities open to the community.

Playgrounds for Children

Play Spaces for Children: Spaces dedicated to safe and fun games for children, adapted to their needs, provide the right environment for their development.

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Systems

Our complex has a special focus on sustainable architecture and technology to minimize environmental impact and improve energy efficiency.

Parking and Electric Parking

The complex offers sufficient parking spaces and electric parking spaces for sustainable and electric vehicles, encouraging the use of clean means of transport.

Safety and Care for Residents

Providing a safe and caring environment for residents is a priority. We offer services and measures necessary for the provision and care of the residential structure.

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The requirement for specific product content may be different in the context of a residential complex like "Avanti - Residence", as this is not a business focused on the distribution of products like stores or other sales companies.

However, in this context, the main products or elements that can be considered as "products" offered within a residential complex such as "Avanti - Residence" include:

Apartments and Residential Spaces

As "products", apartments and living spaces are essentially "goods" offered to buyers, where customers select and purchase a particular living space.

Services and Facilities of the Complex

These include services such as security, property management, common areas, recreation areas, social facilities, parking areas, etc., which are part of the "product" of the residential experience in this complex.

Technologies and Innovations Used in Construction

If the complex has integrated advanced technologies, sustainable energy systems, smart buildings or other innovative features, they can be perceived as "products" that are offered through this housing complex.

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