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"Avanti - Residence" is a modern business-residential complex built with passion and care by Pro-Don Construction and Egzoni-D.


As passionate investors in this project, we have created an environment where luxury, comfort and elegance come together in an exceptional residential experience.


Vision & Our mission

Our vision is to build a community that the residents consider not only as their home, but as a convenient and harmonious environment. 

Also, our mission is to create a caring living environment, built with high quality materials and using innovative technologies to minimize the impact on the environment and increase energy efficiency.

The combination of the vision to create a future residential environment and the mission to promote sustainable architecture results in a total commitment to living in harmony with the environment and providing an exceptional residential experience to our community of "Avanti - Residence ".

Core values


At Avanti Residence, we believe in providing our residents with a luxurious living experience. We strive to create homes that are comfortable and stylish, with modern amenities and high finishes.


We believe that a community is more than a place to live - it's a place to connect with others and build lasting relationships. That's why we create spaces that foster a sense of community and belonging.


We are committed to building sustainable and environmentally friendly facilities to create a healthier living environment for our residents.

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